What is the Importance of Education in our Community?

We have some questions in our minds. Is education a necessity or a Luxury? Why is education important? What happens if we are not educated? Here, a little attempt has been made to answer such questions.

What is Education?

We shape plants by cultivation and we shape Men by Education. Education is not for studying and grabbing good results at schools and colleges. Education is a medium to discover what we do not know and enhance our level of knowledge. Education gives us the ability to draw a line between the right and the wrong and the good and the Evil.  An individual becomes excellent in nature by education. Education not only excels human beings but also enables them to work for the excellence of their societies. Life is a never-ending process. Reproduction and Nutrition are essential for physical life and Education is a necessity for social life. Education transforms human life.

Education and Its Importance

What Did Great Men Say About 'Education'?

Albert Einstein said - “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learnt in School “

Mahatma Gandhi Said – “Literacy in itself is no education. Literacy is not the end or even the beginning. By education, I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in the child and man-body, mind and the spirit”

Aristotle Said – “The Roots of Education are Bitter, But the Fruit is Sweet”.

John Dewey said – “Education is not preparation for life, Education is Life itself”

Malcolm X Said – “Education is the Passport to the Future, for Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it Today”

William S Burroughs Said – “The Aim of Education is the Knowledge of Values, but Not of Facts”.

Education …  Education is the only way for the human beings to grab the opportunity to change the society they live in. Education is nothing but imparting higher values, good behaviour and the best attitudes in people. These values and attitudes help the people to live in their society with harmony. Education is not an activity that may be started at some point in the childhood and be stopped at some point on attaining adulthood. 

Education is a continuous process of knowing and learning from the birth to the death. Some people feel that education is for the sake of finding a good job to earn their living. This is completely a wrong notion. Education gives us an opportunity to build constructive and positive human relationships. Education imparts the quality of forgiveness and the ability to accept the God and His Creation.

We cannot rule out the fact the human beings are the only creatures equipped with the capacity to reason. Education always reminds a person that he is a part of the society and also reminds that the person has to strive for the excellence of the society. Education can be a driving force to transform the society. Educated people are supposed to throw away all the evils of the society. They should think of the downtrodden and underprivileged people of the society and take necessary action to redeem from such social evils. They should shed light on the people who live in the social darkness.

We must agree that education drives us towards civilisation. Education makes us philanthropists. Above all, education makes us Humans with Humanity. Any society whether is underdeveloped or developed should make education its backbone. Education brings perfection to Human beings as Humanity as well. Education helps human beings know about their society, their fellow living beings, their environment, and their co-creatures. Education makes human beings excellent in their nature. Education drives human beings from innocence to wisdom. Education drives human beings from barbarism to civilisation. Education drives the man from selfishness to philanthropy. 

Education prepares children to become their own masters. Education makes the conscience active and the conscience always keeps them in good thoughts. Education is a necessary activity without which there is no possibility for cooperation in the process of Humanisation. Education motivates the people to develop social and human qualities. When we are educating someone, then we are teaching them to live in their own world and inculcating a quality of letting others live with them in peaceful and harmonious conditions.

Educating is nothing but imparting the qualities of thinking with reason. Education makes the people know about their duties and responsibilities. Education makes them follow their own religion. Education makes the people moral and intellectual. Education gives rebirth to the people. Getting education is nothing but having a superior life. Education should be available to all citizens of the society irrespective of the caste, creed, religion, or nationality.   

Education drives us to explore the causes of all the evils of the society. Education helps us understand the need and importance of being educated. Education aims at the rapid progress of humanity in human beings. Education makes people empathetic. Education helps and supports an individual to build his own society and humanity. Education gives people confidence. Confidence makes people do miracles. Education helps us to get respect from their co-citizens. Education helps an individual to have a prosperous and satisfied life. Education also helps us get a job with a handsome salary.

Education and Its Importance

Importance of Girl Education

The high focus should be put on girl education. A girl plays many crucial roles in the society. A girl acts as a daughter and later on acts as a wife and as a mother. The role of mother is very crucial in designing the lives of human beings. Mother is the architect of the future of every human being. Mother is the first teacher. She puts the best impressions into the gentle minds of the children. Mother is the first guide for every individual. If mothers are educated, the entire family will be educated. If the mother is educated, she can give a healthy and wealthy future to her children. If all the mothers in a society are educated, that society will become Utopia. It is a highly wrong notion that women are meant for education. Unfortunately, in this robotic era, many people feel that it is getting difficult to get the girls married if the girls are educated. Keeping the girls away from education is a barbaric and sinful act.

Why Is Education Important for Children?

Education is highly necessary for children. Governments are running many welfare programs for improving literacy rates. Literacy is different from education. Literates can write and read. But the children who are educated are able to understand the society. They are able to assess the standards of the society they live in by comparing to other developed societies and communities. The future of any nation is vested on the shoulders of Today’s children. The children must be driven towards getting higher education and make their lives independent. Every parent should make their children educated. They must sacrifice anything for the education of their children if need be. Children who are given the opportunity for education will dream of their future. Children from the underprivileged and downtrodden societies must be given higher priority as far as the education is concerned. Education is the only panacea for all the social evils of the society.

Importance of Moral and Ethical Education

Morality and Ethics are the base of the human life and the society. A person who is highly educated but is without having morals and ethics will be a great disaster for the society.  A scientist who knows the formula of an atom bomb and without the knowledge of morals, ethics and human sentiments, may not hesitate to use the bomb for no reason.  Such knowledge is devastating and destructive. Human beings must live and let others live along with them. People must have some kind of attachment to themselves and with the society. There are many pieces of evidence of killing co-students and teachers at some schools and colleges in the developed countries. This clearly indicates that focus is not given to the moral education on par with the science education. Morality teaches the responsibility towards the fellowmen. Morality teaches how to behave with the fellowmen. Morality teaches how to have a harmonious and peaceful life. Morality teaches sympathy. Morality teaches how to share and receive different feelings and emotions. Morality teaches how to respond and react to different situations we face in our lives.  Hence, teaching morality and ethics to children is highly necessary. The governments should start thinking to make moral education as a compulsory subject of study at schools and colleges.

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