Optimistic Attitude – Useful Tips to Cultivate Optimistic Attitude

optimistic attitude

What is Optimistic Attitude? An optimistic attitude is thinking positively. Surely you have heard that the mind is very powerful and there is nothing as certain as that. Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP says that any thought or phrase you utter, whether it’s a lie or not, has such a significant impact on the mind that it can program your thoughts and arrange your actions. For this reason, it is so important to take life with an optimistic attitude that, in addition to helping us maintain good mental health, will allow us to manage conflicts and difficult moments in life in a better way. If you ask yourself how to have an optimistic attitude, you should know that it is not easy, it is a task that deserves a lot of dedication, so if you want to start changing your way of facing the days, read this article carefully.

Tips to Improve Optimistic Attitude

1.     The Optimist is closely linked to Positivism

The optimism is closely linked to positivism; therefore, to have an optimistic attitude first thing to do is work on positive thinking. How? Realizing the power of your ideas and words, recognizing at what moments of your life the negativity overflows and, of course, stopping the negative thoughts. Replace each negative thought with its positive version and you will see that you will get used to seeing the good side of things, to expect the best and to get the best.

2.     Your Environment

Your environment has the ability to have a positive or negative impact on your task of having an optimistic attitude. The idea is that you seek to surround yourself with people and activities that make you feel good, that they bring out the best in you and that they do not alter your state of mind. Read a book of a topic that catches your attention, listen to your favorite music, meet a challenge, share with your true friends, stay away from toxic people and understand that work is not linked to your personal life are actions that can help you to have an optimistic attitude

3.     Keep yourself away from Negativity

Of course, to have an optimistic attitude, you must distance yourself from everything that is negative. Being constantly reading or looking for news about daily events generates worry, anxiety, and uncertainty: three enemies of optimism. Similarly, walking with people who only see the bad side of things or who do nothing but gossip and criticize others can contaminate your optimism.

4.     Make Positive Affirmations

It is important to work on thinking and a good way to do it is by making positive affirmations every day. Search for the cause that commonly takes you away from positivism and works to build affirmations that help you eliminate irrational concerns, and allow you to see that aspect with a better view. Phrases like: “today will be a good day”, “everything is fine”, “I deserve the best”, can be of great help to start working the optimistic attitude.

5.      Recognise the Small Things that Make You Happy

Every day, absolutely everyone, we stumbled upon something wonderful. Proposing to identify what are the things that make you happier every day, will allow you to work on your optimistic attitude. It is not about winning the lottery or finding a ticket at the door of the house. It is about recognizing the small things that make us feel happy, be it a sunset, the tree in the corner of work, the shape of the clouds, Be nice to people, listen to your favorite song on the radio or say hello to a friend you did not talk too long ago.

6.     Feel Good about Yourself

To be optimistic, you must feel good about yourself and to get it you can start by accepting yourself as you are. What do those extra kilos, your shortcomings, baldness or short stature matter? In the end, the best of you is not defined by any of those things. To love you as you are and accept that you are human and that you can make mistakes will allow you to feel better with you and have a better concept of yourself, increase your self-esteem and be more optimistic in life.

7. Rational Thinking Works Better

Rational thinking works at all times. Keeping your feet on the ground often allows you to land from that world of pessimism and negativity from which you wish to escape. When you perceive a fear, an emotion or a negative thought, immediately think if it makes sense, if it is logical or if it is only your fears that are dominating your mind. Find the true reason for those thoughts and return to Earth.

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