How to Make Children Behave Better – Some Tips

How to Make Children Behave Better

How to Make Children Behave Better

How to make children behave better? As every successful parent knows, one way to inspire good behavior, from keeping the room clean tidy to wearing good clothes is to make it enjoyable. The same values apply to adults. Parenting is a good art. The parents should rear their children very carefully and cautiously. They should treat the children with utmost care. Children mostly learn from their parents. They imitate their parents. They learn the language from their parents and they also learn how to use the language from their parents only. Hence parents should behave with utmost decency and decorum with their children. The parents must remember the fact that they plant an impression whether it is good or bad only with the behavior of the parents.

The impression of good behavior is laid at the tender age. Children learn everything so fast and so accurate at their tender age.  They form some impressions upon certain matters in their little minds.

They can be molded into a beautiful art piece or can be shaped as the worst human being. Everything is there in the hands of the parents.  That is why parenting is a good art.

Do not Speak Negative Things

Parents are supposed to speak everything positive and not in a negative tone.  If the child is trying to do something, parents should not say “ Do Not do Like this”. Instead, they may encourage the child by saying ‘ Do Like This”.  Negative words damage the innovation and creative capabilities of the minds of the children. Negative things create frustration and develop the pessimistic attitude in the minds of the children.  Always review the act and not the person.

Strategies to Make Children Behave Better

Pay high Attention to Children

Generally, many parents show their indifference to speak to their children as they are busy with their work or they are so tired of their work.  Parents work for their children.  They work and earn money for their children only. But they do not find enough time to spend with their loved children.

Children always want their parents to spend with them and play with them. They always want to express their feelings in a dramatic way with so much curiosity widening their eyes.  The parents should pay attention and involvement in the matter. They should make the children feel that their parents are enjoying their words and paying attention to them. This will enhance the mental capabilities of the children. A little applause will make miracles. It creates wonders.  A little prize the child won in the school games is of no use for the parents but is equal to Nobel Prize for the child himself. The children must be appreciated for all little things they do and achieve. This encouragement will reflect in the great achievements when the child is grown up.

Positive Behavior Reinforcement

Do not react to the negative behavior of the children. Try to correct their behavior With positive behavior reinforcement. This process can be useful for reinforcement behavior patterns you want to see. Positive reinforcement is often a successful way to change behavior without applying unfriendly methods. This skill can prove appreciated not only with others but also with growing your own positive behavior patterns. Positive reinforcement is a simple addition of something to somebody’s surroundings that accordingly rises how much or often she behaves in a particular way.

The application of the method of positive reinforcement as a behavior change can take many diverse forms. An example is making a child to finish homework. When a child returns from school, he may sit in front of the television forgetting the homework. It is better to off the television and allows the child to finish the homework. After the completion of the homework, the child may be allowed to watch the television. This simple method will increase the regularity of the boy doing his homework after returning from school. This strategy helps make children behave better.

How to Make children Behave Better

  • Behavior modification attempts can be made at home every day. It is natural for the doctors and the teachers to follow this method. But parents can also use this method regularly at home.  Behavior modification may be done easily with a simple praise or by paying attention to the children.  It shall act as positive reinforcement.  Children behave well sometimes to avoid punishments and at home and at the school as well.
  • Making the children disciplined is possible only with praise and attention. When the children are behaving properly or when you observe problem behavior in children, you may give them mild punishment. At the same time, you have made them know what the mistake they have done is. Giving punishment without focusing on the mistake may lead to negative results.
  • The parents should not be too restrictive at home. Children must be given some freedom to enjoy themselves by watching television or mobile phone only for a limited time. Parents must have an eye on the use of mobile phone by the children.
  • Do not compare the children frequently with the success of other people and scold your children that they have not achieved such things so far. This comparison must be done in a positive and encouraging way. If you want to speak about a successful person and if you want your child to achieve such success, you have to examine how the successful person got such a huge achievement and encourage your child to follow the same way. This is helpful to make children behave better.
  • The behavior of the parents always reflects in the behavior of children. Children are like hot iron. We can mold them in the way we want.  If we can encourage them by praising and paying attention to them, they will become extraordinary human beings. Otherwise, they will become nothing.

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