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Humans are social animals. It is inevitable for them to live in the society along with co-human beings in a harmonious social and cultural system. In the course of living, people have to influence people to get their things done with their good behavior, the way they speak, the way they walk and with the way they handle people in particular situations. Here we are going to discuss some tips to influence people. These tips are for the people who have a positive attitude and take things in a positive manner and not for the people who are pessimistic. Here some tips are discussed on how to influence people.

How to Influencing People

1. Want more than the Needed To Influence People

The trick is to ask at first much more than we want to lower our request later. You start by throwing a really exaggerated request to someone; a request will most likely be rejected. Then he comes back shortly after and asks about something much less exorbitant, which is really what we really wanted in the first place. This trick may also sound counterintuitive, but the idea behind this is that the person feels bad about refusing our first request, even though it was not reasonable, so when something reasonable is asked for, he will feel more compelled to help on this occasion. This is one method to influence people.

2. Calling by Name Creates Miracles

The name is a unique personal identification. Being called with one’s name is highly expected by the individuals. This begets the best response. Dale Carnegie, the author of ” How to Win Friends and Influence People,” says that using someone’s name is extremely significant and helpful in achieving friendship. It is said that a person’s name is the sweetest sound in any language for that individual. The name is the fundamental part of our identity, so that, listening to it validates our survival and inclines us to have more positive feelings about the person that validates us. The use of a title or a nickname can also have very strong effects. This can be as simple as calling a friend and calling him “friend” or “partner” whenever we see him, or referring to a person with whom we want to work or continue working as “boss”, although this may seem somewhat corny, in practice it works. This is another way to influence people.

3. Boasting Sometimes Works To Influence People

Boasting or Flattery sometimes works for influencing people. Flattery works sometimes in a positive way and sometimes it gives negative results.  Flattery in small and sincere doses acts as a good medicine and Flattery in large doses and insincere ways act as a poison. People sometimes get encouragement and their spirits may be boosted with the flattery. But many times it destroys people when the flattery technique to influencing people is used in excess. If we flatter someone who has high confidence and finds it sincere, he will like it a lot, because he is validating his own feelings. However, if we flatter someone who has low self-respect, there is a chance that it may be counterproductive because it interferes with the way it is processed. That, of course, does not mean that we should degrade a person with low self-esteem. This is one of the best ways to influence people.

4. Take a promise at the time of Fatigue

When someone is tired, they are more prone to everything that someone can tell them, whether it is a statement or a request. The reason for this is that when people are tired their mental energy levels drop extremely. When we make a request to someone who is tired, he almost certainly will not have a definitive answer, we will probably get a response like “I will do it tomorrow” because he does not want to face the decisions at that minute. The next day, he is more likely to feel inclined to help us, because people tend to keep their word; it is natural spiritually to want to go ahead with something that he said would be done. We can follow this method to influence people.

5. Offer that cannot be rejected

It consists of starting with a request that cannot be rejected. This is a reverse technique of “aim high.” Instead of starting with a large order, you start with something very small. Once someone has agreed to help us or agrees with us, he will be more likely to be more receptive to fulfilling a larger request. The scientists tested this fact in advertising. The scientists started by getting people to convey their support for the ecosystem., which is a simple request. Then, they found that once someone had come to express their agreement to support the ecosystem, it was much easier to compel them when buying products that supported ecosystem. This method is very useful to influence people.

6. Do Not Judge Instantly

It is not to appreciate how you feel and why. Then discover the common ground you share with him and use it as a starting point to explain your position. This makes the other person listen to what you have to say and allow you to correct him without losing your place. This method works well to influence people. a good thought to correct people when they are mistaken. Carnegie also noted in his famous book that telling someone that he is wrong is generally needless and keeps others away from us. Actually, there is a better way to show the difference and turn it into an educated discussion, without telling him he is wrong because it affects the spirit of his ego. The idea behind this is quite simple: instead of arguing, listen to what they have to say and then try

7. Repeat the Requests To Influence People

Repeating something that our interlocutor has just said is one of the most positive ways to influence people, because we show that we really understand what they are saying and how they feel, thus expressing our empathy. One of the most effective ways to do this is by paraphrasing what they say and repeating it again, also known as reflective listening. Studies have shown that when therapists use reflexive listening, people tend to reveal their emotions more and have a better therapeutic relationship. This can be transferred when talking with our friends. If we listen to what they tell us and we reformulate it as a question to confirm that we understand it, they will feel more comfortable talking to us. They will also show more friendship and will be more likely to listen to what we have to say, since it showed that we care about them. Repeating the requests is a very good method to influence people.

8. Accept

Agree while talking, especially when we want to ask for a favor. Scientists have found that when people agree while listening to something, they are more likely to agree with the other person. You have also seen that when someone agrees a lot in front of us, we end up doing the same thing. This is understandable because human beings are well known for imitating behavior, especially those that are considered to have a positive connotation. So if you want to be very convincing, settle in regularly throughout the conversation. The person who is speaking will find it difficult not to agree too, and will begin to feel good vibrations towards what is being said, without even knowing it. This is an excellent method to influence people.

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