Body Language – Communicate better with good Body Language

In our Professional or personal life, many our knowledge will be useless, unless we know how to impress others or influence others with our words. The best impression may be created in others upon us is possible not only with words but also out body language. Body language is the language without out using words. It is otherwise called non-verbal Communication. Body language supports our communication or message more successfully.  Here we discuss some methods on how to communicate in a better way and make others understand what we want to convey in a more successful way.

body language

Communicate better with Good Body Language

Maintain Eye Contact

Maintaining Eye contact shows that you are confident in your communication. Maintaining good eye contact expresses interest and respect in what others want to convey to us. Eye contact helps to get the attention of others with whom we speak. Many kinds of feeling and emotions can be expressed with eyes in a more perceivable way than by using words. Eye contact during interaction develops some friendliness and it impresses others very well.  Speaking to others without looking into their eyes shows your indifference towards the person or the subject of discussion. Maintaining eye contact is one of the best practices of body language.

Allowing your gaze to deviate at times from the other person’s face will help you feel more comfortable and comfortable in your company and you will have the time to organize your thoughts. If you keep your eyes fixed most of the time in the eyes of the other person, you will be like someone too intense and if on the contrary, you deviate too much, you will be giving signs that you may not have interest in them or in the content of the conversation.

The position of the Head

Head of the human body plays a very crucial role in communication. Body language mostly exercised with the help of the Head. This is sensational both to act with you and with others. When you want to feel confident about yourself, keep your head level, horizontally and vertically. You can also use this position when you want to see yourself demanding with others and that you want them to take you and what you are saying sincerely. On the other hand, when you want to look friendly and listen, in the receptive mode, tilt your head a little to the right or to the left. You can change the tilt from one side to the other in the course of the discussion, as well as nodding to give confidence the person to keep talking.

Keep Good Posture of your Body

The Correct posture of the body sends positive signals to other people who we communicating to. It shows our confidence physically and mentally. If you use the correct posture, you will immediately feel good. The next time you notice that you feel low on energy, notice how you are standing or sitting. It is very likely that you will find yourself with your back curved inwards and your shoulders drooping, this prevents good breathing, which in turn can make you feel nervous, painful and with little energy. With good position, the back should be relaxed and there should be no tension in the muscles. Your back should stay erect as if a thread pulled on it. The good posture of the body is the best body language.

The angle of the body

This gives a suggestion of our attitudes and opinion towards others. In a natural way, we place our angled body towards the person, when we feel it good-looking, attractive and friendly and we place ourselves in an angle away from the person, when we do not feel this way. This includes the way we lean toward the person or moving away from him or her when we bend the pelvis by leaning more on one leg than the other. If you place yourself directly in front of a person, you can be measured an enemy, as in a game of chess. In situations where there is nervousness or stress, it is better to place yourself cleverly on the side.

Movements of the Arms

Movements of the projecting arms how open and accessible you are. We use them to hold in your arms and to move away, so keep your arms next to your body or behind you; this shows that you are not afraid to deal with whatever comes your way. In general terms, the more expressive you are, the more you tend to move your arms away from your body, the quieter you are, the less wave your arms and the movements are smaller. Try a natural balance and keep the actions of your arms in a medium term. When you want to convert your approval during a conversation, the rule is to avoid crossing your arms, and, of course, if you do not agree with what the person says, then cross them, but only in those moments. Movements of the arms help in delivering the better communication with body language.

The Movement of the Legs

These are the outermost point of the brain and as a result, they are the most difficult part of the body to control intentionally. We tend to move our legs much more than usual when we are anxious, worried or dissatisfied. In most cases, particularly in interviews or work meetings, it is best to keep them as still as possible. Also be careful in the way you cross them. Do you cross on the knees or on the ankles? Or do you place one leg on the knee of the other in the form of 4? This is more a question of comfort than anything else, but be careful of the last position, because it is generally perceived as the most defensive leg movement there is, particularly if you do it right after the person you are speaking with tells you or do something you do not like, because the natural predisposition is to take the ankle and squeeze, which tells the person the nervousness in which you are.

Hand Movements

These are so abundant that it is difficult to give a guide. By placing the palms of your hands slightly upwards and outwards, you are considered to be an open and friendly person. The movements with the palms downwards are generally seen as an overriding, vigorous and possibly violent person, especially when there is no movement or the arm remains straight. This of the palms up or down is very important when you wish people you just met, where apt. The handshake should be vertical and upward, which will lead to a feeling of equality.

Maintain Appropriate Distance from the others

The approach or distancing of the person with whom you are speaking is vital if you want to project the correct signals. If you stop or feel too close and you will be marked as “enigmatic”, too far away and you will be indifferent and cold and neither of us is what we want, so observe when you are in a group how close they are to each other. If you approach a person and it moves away, it is likely that you are too close to your comfort zone, get away a little to relax the relationship. The Science that tells us about the appropriate distances to be maintained during interaction in social, personal, official situations is called ‘Proxemics”. Proxemics plays a very important role in exercising body language in communication.

The movements of the mouth

They can discover all kinds of clues to how we feel. You bite your lips and sometimes we twist them to one side when we are thinking something mocking or some angry comment that we do not want to reveal. Most likely, it will be detected by others, and even if they do not know this, they will get the feeling that you are not at ease. There are also different types of smiles and each one gives its corresponding sensation to the one who receives it. With a genuine smile, you show your teeth and wrinkle your eyes.

Ears are Significant too

Although in general, most people cannot move much. Anyway, if you have two ears and one mouth, try to use them in that same proportion. If you listen twice as much as you speak, you will become a good communicator, who knows how to control a balanced conversation without being selfish.

Practice these tips to develop your communication skills and you will collect the results in your personal and professional life. People will find you smarter, more open, more respectable and more skilled. Practice it; you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

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