What are the Basic Stress Management Techniques and How to overcome?

This post- stress management techniques – Stress Factors and stress management techniques – attempted to provide basic knowledge of the definition of stress, stress causing factors and stress management techniques.

Stress management techniques

Stress Management Techniques

Stress is a fact of the everyday life. People feel overwhelmed with the anxiety and stress at work and in the personal life as well. If something happens to our wish, which is unexpected and damaging to our physical and monetary benefits, we feel stress. Stress emerges out of any situation which causes anger, frustration, and anxiety. No two people respond precisely same to a given job. In fact, we need some stress to keep us steady and active. If the pressure is useful stress, that is, if it brings out optimal performance, it is called Eustress. If it causes anxiety and tension, such fear is called Distress.

  • When we respond to a situation in a negative way, then our health and happiness suffer. We can learn anxiety and stress management techniques to handle anxiety and stress more effectively by understanding ourselves and examining our reaction to stress-provoking situations.
  • The death toll is rising due to stress. In the yesteryears, sudden deaths were used to take place due to cardiac arrests or some other serious illnesses, but in these days deaths are prevalent due to the inability to cope with the stress.

Causes of stress that leads to suicidal deaths

  • The change in the family system and the emergence of the micro family system.
  • The negative influence of technology,
  • Inability to share the stressful feeling with others,
  • Lacking knowledge of the ways to overcome stress,
  • Not identifying the Stress management techniques,
  • ignorance on how to get stress relief,
  • Not knowing the causes of pressure,
  • Not knowing what the stress management activities are,
  • Not knowing how to reduce stress,
  • Not identifying the types of stress management,
  • not knowing about Stress management and relaxation techniques
  • Not knowing about stress counseling,
  • not knowing meditation for stress management,
  • Not knowing how to combat stress.
  • Not knowing about stress management techniques at work.
  • Not knowing about stress management and techniques for relaxation.

Definition of Stress

  • Stress is the pressure experienced by a person in response to life demands
  • Stress is a process of adjusting to or deal with circumstances that disrupt or threaten to disrupt a persons physical or psychological functioning

Stress is Inevitable

  • Stress is inevitable. We cannot avoid stress. We cannot escape from stress. The only thing we can do is to face the fear and to deal with the stress. This process is called Stress Management. There is no chance for the Flight from the Stress, but we should fight the fear. Stress may be managed by managing the lifestyle. We may change the way of our thoughts according to the situations we face in our daily life.

 Factors of Stress

Many factors cause stress. But, here we are going to discuss some significant stress factors. They are – Stress out of –

  • Financial Problems
  • Work or Due to unemployment
  • Irrational fears and phobias
  • Domestic responsibilities
  • Jealousy and prejudice
  • Physical and/or mental ill health.


Stress out of Financial Problems

  • Naturally, financial problems cause several mental stress. If there are no adequate financial resources and there is difficulty in satisfying the desires, the pressure is generated automatically generated. But it is a bare fact that income is limited and wants are unlimited. If we change the lifestyle on par with the range of the income sources, then this stress shall be managed. People should live practically in the real world without any imaginations and fantasies. In fact, to live, more money is not needed, but when there is a comparison with others, then we feel that we need more money to live. This life is ours, and we can live as we want to live. We are not living for others, and we need not satisfy others with our lifestyle. Hence, stress out of financial problems is manageable with little changes in the lifestyle.

Stress at the workplace or due to unemployment

  • Stress at the workplace is a very general stress factor that suffers people. But we can get rid of this burden when we realize that we should do that work and we cannot escape from doing that job. It is a general fact that majority of people do not like the work they do. Many People always feel that their work is miserable and other people are happy with their work and with their lives. But it is a wrong notion.
  • This stress can be managed only by loving the work we do.  When we love the job, we automatically concentrate on the action and can do it happily. When we do it willingly, we never feel the stress. It is inevitable to love the work we do to get rid of the stress at workplace. If we do our job correctly, there will be no other reasons that may cause stress. Hence, stress at work is, manageable by nurturing love on the work we do. Unemployment gives us stress, but there is no other way except finding suitable employment and get rid of the stress.

Stress out of irrational fears and phobias

  • Some people feel stress due to some silly fears and phobias.
  • Some people suffer from irrational fears and phobias. When fears become severe and severe, then they cause tremendous stress and influence the ordinary life, those are called phobias. These concerns and phobias can be managed with self-help strategies. They can be overcome with relaxation therapy. Mostly, phobias develop in childhood.

      Some common phobias

  • Animal phobias – Fear of Dogs, snakes, etc
  • Injury – BloodInjection Phobia – Fear of blood, etc
  • Situational phobias– Fear of flying, driving, etc
  • Natural environmental phobias – fear  of heights, water, etc
  • Social phobia – Fear of public speaking, mingling with other at public places, etc.
  • Fears and phobias can be managed and cured with some scientific methods of treatment. Besides these treating methods, we have to challenge the contrary ideas and phobias first. We have to prepare ourselves that we are going to conquer the fear or phobia. We have to realize that the particular fear or phobia is irrational and it cannot do any harm to us.  These phobias and concerns can be managed by following some methods like –
    • Facing the fear or phobia
    • By getting yourself calm down quickly when feeling anxiety or suffocation
    • By Challenging negative thoughts etc.

Hence, stress out of fears or phobias can be managed by following the above stress management techniques.

Stress out of Domestic responsibilities

  • Stress out of the Domestic duties is widespread stress. We cannot escape from the domestic responsibilities.  We have to change the lifestyle and act with patience and perseverance during the times of stress generated out of the household responsibilities. We have to search for a way out for the reasons that caused stress.

Stress out of Ill Health

  • Physical ill-health causes severe stress. The inability to work and earn a living is a critical factor causes stress. It is natural to feel stress in the cases of ill health. But we have to know the fact that ill health is not confined only to us. There are billions of people on earth suffering from some ill health. We have to find a way to come out of that ill-health by consulting a doctor. If we feel the stress, the condition of the ill health will be triggered, and the situation will lead to the worst. Hence, stress out of ill health must be managed by finding the rational solution to feeling better.

 Stress Management Techniques and Methods 

stress management

Spiritual Relaxation

  • Stress Management is possible with learning some stress management techniques. One of the best stress management techniques is Spiritual relaxation.  To get spiritual relaxation, we may visit temples, to serve the poor and the needy at Orphanages, nursing homes, etc. We may participate in the cleaning of temples. We may read the religious epics to take refuge in them for spiritual relaxation.

Mental Relaxation

  • Mental relaxation is one of the stress management techniques. We can manage stress with some psychological relaxation. Mental relaxation is possible with the help of some exercises like solving puzzles, and riddles, etc. We have to keep ourselves always busy without giving scope for any useless, silly and irrational thoughts.

Emotional Relaxation

  • Stress management is possible with some emotional relaxation. Emotional relaxation is possible by playing with kids at home, glaring at the aquarium and enjoying the movement of the fish, playing with pets, spending time with family and friends, etc. This relaxation method is one the more useful stress management techniques.

Physical Relaxation

  • Stress management is possible with the help of some physical relaxation. For stress relief, we may go for a walk when we feel stress. We may meditate for some time. We may water the plants in the garden to relieve the pressure.

List of some Remedial Practices for the Stress Management

  • Here, there is a list of some prominent remedial practices for the stress management.
    • Changing the daily routine work by making slight changes
    • Don’t try to be perfect, don’t feel like you must do everything
    • Avoid trying to do two, three or more things at a time.
    • Reducing the noise levels in the surrounding environment.
    • Regular physical exercise
    • Avoid the people who are stress carriers.
    • Be assertive
    • Take deep breaths
    • Adopt a Pet
    • Resist the urge to judge or criticize
    • Become a better listener
    • Be flexible with change.
    • Pray to the God and Serve the poor
    • Don’t be afraid to ask a question or to ask for help. 

 Final words for the Post – Stress Management Techniques

  • Stress management is a difficult task. We can manage the stress efficiently by following some simple methods and stress management techniques mentioned in this post. If we magnify the problem of pressure and give much importance to it, the stress will damage our health. If we acquire the ability to manage the stress, then the stress will be in our control. We can reduce stress by reading some stress management books, by following some relaxation methods, always feeling stressless, attending for stress counseling, and by preparing a proper stress management plan. Please share this post – Stress Management – with your family and friends as ” Sharing is Caring.”

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