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Today, Technology is leading the universe, and the human lifestyle has become almost technology dependent. Technology is making life easier and more comfortable. In some other ways, technology is also killing the handy skills of human beings. Technology has become an inseparable part of human life. Technology is being used in almost every field. We cannot imagine the present and the future of human life without Technology.  Online Technology Courses are getting demand day by day as these courses are free or for a nominal fee. These online technology courses are very comfortable and convenient to learn and earn from the comfort of homes.

Free online technology courses are available without any registration or paying anything. However, some courses do not give credit score. If the students need the credit score or certification, need to pay a nominal fee to the offering universities.

Online Technology Courses

Universities offering Online Technology Courses

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M I T )

MIT’s OpenCourseWare program is an excellent collection of archived courses.

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming:

This programme offers students a fundamental knowledge of programming using handouts, slides and lecture videos. However, students need to be updated to the Python programming language and the IDLE interpreter to receive and follow the instructions.

Computer System Engineering

Computer System Engineering is a course consists of video lectures, projects, assignments, and exams. Students can learn about virtual memory, encryption and security, software and hardware engineering, and networks.

Database, Internet, and Systems Integration Technologies

This programme provides students with skills in software development, system integration, system security, data modeling and databases, and application development. Students can also use the facility of course examinations online for practice.

Practical Information Technology Management

This Programme is on information about technology logistics, information technology project management and about managing information technology in businesses.

Information Technology Essentials

This programme is in Hardware and operating systems, electric commerce, networks and computer security, and software development

University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Berkely is offering free online courses related to Computer Science, and Online technology.

The University offers the following courses in Computer Science

Designing Software Systems, and Project Management and Programming:

This course has a series of recorded lectures of One-hour duration. These recorded lectures are also available on YouTube.

Harvard University

Harvard University is offering various combinations of free online degree courses along with regular on-campus classes. This Programme provides topics in Computer Science like Javascript,  source code, computer security. Students have the chance to learn through lectures, problems, and other resources. Quizzes with answers are also supplied to students for knowledge and better HTTP, HTML

University of California,  Davis

The University of California, located at Davis is offering online technology courses. These course materials can be downloaded from its website. Unix and Linux Tutorial Center course materials supply the students with material resources on topics like recursion and signals, C programming, Unix process management, and bits and bytes.

University of Michigan

The University of Michigan is offering the global students and teachers to share educational resources and research methodologies among them. The information is available on the website of the university. It is also available on iTunesU.

Universality’s effort of  Introduction of Information Studies supplies the students with lectures and handouts. These Material resources consist of information on computer and network architecture, computer Hardware, intellectual property rights etc.

Carnegie Mellon University

The Open Learning Initiative of Carnegie Mellon University provides its online library access for free of charge.  The University’s programme on Principles of Computing provides students with the basic concepts in Computer science.  In this programme, students will get knowledge on binary representation, recursion, and data representation.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft is the pioneer in the Information Technology Industry headed by Bill Gates. Microsoft Virtual Academy is an establishment of Microsoft to provide knowledge on advanced instruction in various online technology topics and unique insider knowledge.

Python and Flask: Python and Flask help learn the fundamental concepts of constructing a Website.

JavaScript for Professionals: This goes into advanced matters like asynchronous operation, inheritance, and object creation.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology is offering courses online for free through its several Schools. Georgia Institute of Technology is reputed university with the best record for its well-developed technology and science programmes.

Advanced Operating Systems: topics include cell phones, cloud computing, parallel system an distributed systems and cloud computing.

Computer Networking: This programme stresses on computer networking like content distribution, data center networking, and content software-defined networking.

The Open University

The courses of the Open University are offered through iTunesU are free of cost. These courses cover a various and vast area of academics.

ICT and Computing: This course introduces information and communication technologies. The students can learn about cell phone microprocessors and massive internet servers.


This learning platform collects course materials from different universities and academic bodies and streamlines them into a single site for easy and quick access.

Introduction of Cloud Computing: This course Provides an entry-level knowledge of this topic. The students can learn the advantages and disadvantages of using cloud computing.

Fundamentals of Network Security: This course gives basic knowledge in encryption and data protection. The students can learn access control and key systems, firewalls and certification authorities.

Conclusion for the Article – Online Technology Courses

The Internet is a boon to the human life. We are enjoying ourselves the benefits of the Internet in all fields of Life. Online technology courses are a great opportunity for the students and the learners. The students can learn many courses in information technology and other allied sciences through these online technology courses. The students who want to utilize their time in a more effective way can register for these courses. These courses do not require much time and money. Please share this article – Online Technology Courses – with your family and friends.

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