How to Get Rid of Fear of Public Speaking – Tips for Effective Public Speaking

Public speaking is an art. To get an opportunity to speak in public is a fortune. Speaking in public is getting an instant reputation and a chance to introduce oneself to a large number of gathering at a glance. But this public speaking is a not an easy task. This post – How to get rid of fear of public speaking – is going to discuss some very significant points on how to overcome the fear of speaking in public and how to control fear of public speaking.  A public speaker has to stand alone in front of a large gathering without a weapon where there is no chance to hide. This situation seems to be awkward and embarrassing to many. But  with a little bit of training and practice,  public speaking will become enjoyable thing,

Many people who are going to address a gathering feel fear of public speaking  This fear is called “Glossophobia” where ‘Glossa’ stands for the ‘tongue’, and ‘phobia’ stands for ‘fear’.  The novice public speakers tend to suffer from this phobia and feel tension and anxiety, and fear of forgetting the information they have to deliver. They,  most of the times fell distress and inferiority complex.

How to Get Rid of Fear of Public Speaking

Symptoms of the fear of public speaking

  • Severe anxiety and tension before the presentation.
  • Physical distress, feeling of vomiting, sweating, etc.

Tips to Get Rid of Fear of Public Speaking

Tip 1: Prepare well

The speaker who is going to deliver a speech to a public gathering has to prepare adequate material both manual and digital if need be, well before the presentation. It is very natural that the ONE MINUTE before the speech time is horrible. The speaker has to take a deep breath for relaxation. Taking deep breaths reduces stress levels. It is sometimes better for the speaker to introduce to the people who sit in front rows in front of the podium. The speaker feels more comfortable to speak looking into the eyes of the known people without any phobia.  So organized preparation helps a lot getting rid of  fear of public speaking and  delivering a good speech

Tip 2: Get out of the fear of Rejection

The speaker must be confident in himself or herself as he or she has the adequate material in hand to deliver the speech.  The speaker should never give much importance to the audience. The audience is there to listen to what the speaker offers but not to reject and threaten the speaker. If the speaker knows this fact, then it is possible to get rid of fear of public speaking and to deliver the speech efficiently.

Tip 3: The Great Public Speakers were Once Beginners

The skill of Public speaking is not an inbuilt skill in the human being. Public speaking is an art, and the mastery over the public speaking is possible only with the rigorous training and practice. There is no any hidden thing or secret behind the reputed public speakers. Anyone and everyone can become a good public speaker by learning and practicing certain methods on how to get rid of fear of public speaking.

Tip 4: Know Synonyms of Keywords

The speaker needs to be efficient in his areas of the subject of the speech. The speaker has to get complete command over the subject of speech so that he can explain certain things most understandably.  The speaker should have more synonyms for the keywords of the address.

Tip 5: Mirror is a better Judge

The speaker should practice his speech well before his actual presentation. The speaker has to stand in front of a full sized mirror and start delivering the speech. This helps in analyzing and evaluating the merits and demerits, both verbal and nonverbal. The speaker has a chance to correct the faults in his facial expressions, body language, emotional exposure, his language etc.

Tip 6: Know the difference

The speaker has to know the difference between a real threat and an imagined threat. The public speaking is not a dangerous act where there is a threat of being killed by the audience. Knowing this difference will gi e a great relief and enables the speaker give a good speech.

Tip 7: Speak as a storyteller and as a script reader

The speaker should learn to deliver his speech in such a way that the audience will enjoy his words irrespective of the time length of the speech. The speaker should act as a storyteller and should not act as a script reader.  The speaker has to feel that he is making a conversation with his friend. He should not feel that he is giving a performance.  Keeping this fact in mind helps the speaker to get rid of fear of public speaking.

Tip 8: Do not mind the reaction of the Audience

The audience in many instances is very mindful to receive what the speaker is speaking about and curious to know what the speaker is going to deliver. Then their faces may seem dull and blank. This blankness is out of their curiosity only. The speaker should not be discouraged and disappointed upon watching the faces considering the audiences are unresponsive. This awareness helps the speaker to get rid of fear of public speaking.

Tip 9: Give pauses wherever necessary

Pausing in speech is a great technique to attract the attention of the audience and sustain the attention of the audience. Giving timely pause during the speech creates curiosity in your subject of speech. This pause-giving is a great technique applied by the greatest and the most successful public speakers. Avoid unusual and dead word during the speech.  The language must be simple with deeper meaning. It is better to avoid rhythmic words in excess. The speaker should give time enough for the audience to process in the information in the brains and to get ready for the next topic related to that with the help of Pause-giving. This pause giving technique definitely helps the speaker to get rid of fear of public speaking.

Tip 10: The audience is not your examiners

The speaker does not need to bother about the questions which may be asked by the audience. As you are well prepared as far as the subject of the speech is concerned, you can answer the questions of the audience. Be confident in this regard. If there is some typical question which you cannot answer instantly, then you may take their contact number along with their question and satisfy them with your answers later.

Tip 11: People do not laugh at you, make the people laugh with you

Many novice speakers feel that the audience may laugh at their words. But it is a wrong notion. It is better to start with some amusing things and extract the attention of the audience. Make them laugh at the beginning, then they start laughing with you. This creates a very convenient situation for the speaker and helps the speaker to get rid of fear of public speaking.

Tip 12: Make a Refreshing PowerPoint Presentation

The speaker has to give power point presentation sometimes for better performance. Powerpoint presentation is expected to be interesting and to be focused on the point of presentation without any unnecessary and time-consuming information. The audience should be given the sufficient time to make a note of the information if necessary.

Final words for the post – How to Get Rid of Fear of Public Speaking

Effective Public speaking is a great skill. This skill can be mastered only with practice. Public speaking is not a skill acquired by birth. This skills can be acquired by learning some “How to get rid of fear of public speaking courses”, and using some “ fear of public speaking medication” if necessary. The people who want to become better speakers may undergo hypnosis for fear of public speaking if need be.  This post – How to get rid of fear of public speaking –  helps the readers to get awareness of the fear of public speaking facts. Please share this post with your family and friends as sharing is caring.

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