Effective Communication Skills: How to Improve the Skills  

Effective Communication Skills is a burning topic among all the sectors of the society, irrespective of sectors or fields. This skill is needed for a successful career, successful business, success in organizations, success in education, etc. Possessing effective communication skills is a must-have skill for success. It is not possible to become to emerge as a great leader without mastering over great communication skills.

There is a vast difference between the words – great communicator and a great talker. Great communication skills involve great skills like verbal communication skills, non-verbal communication skills, social skills, interpersonal skills, motivational skills and teamwork skills. This post – How to improve effective communication skills – discusses the top skills to become an effective communicator.

Effective Communication Skills

Be a good Listener

Listening is not physiological act, but it is a psychological act. Listening is an interpretative action taken by the listener for understanding the meaning of the sounds. Listening to the speaker is an active activity. A good communicator has to listen to the speaker with attention. The listener should make the speaker feel comfortable and allow the speaker to unfold his heart and speak with open heart personally. Knowledge can be gained by lending ears but not by flipping lips. This is one of the great communication skills.

Non Verbal communication

Nonverbal Communication is a part of communication. The lions share of information can be conveyed with nonverbal communication. The body language, different gestures of your body parts, eye contact, help better in communication. A free and relaxed body stance creates a better impression upon you, and the people feel that you are approachable. Eye contact is a very crucial skill during communication. The body language of a person in a particular situation helps us assess the psychological status of that person.

Brevity is the soul of Wit

The best communication skill is Brevity. Be clear, focused on point without any confusion and complexity. Do not use unusual and outdated words or phrases to show your knowledge of a language. This is applicable while communicating over the digital means also. Be simple and brief in your views rather than complicated and confused.

Let your mind be opened

It is a good communication skill to be open-minded. Do not be preoccupied with a fixed opinion. Listen to what the speaker says and understand the point in the speaker’s point of view. Never try to disagree with the others’ views. This quality begets your honesty and respect. The rigidity of the mind never identifies new opportunities. Open-mindedness allows the listener to take better discussions upon the proper analysis of a particular problem. You have to possess the willingness to discuss anything with an open mind. This is one of the great communication skills.

Be Friendly

Your friendly and sociable nature encourages others to move with you friendly and communicates with you openly. Workplace communication needs to be polite and courteous. This is important in both the written or the direct interaction. Personalized salutation always gives a better, result. This is a good communication skill.

Be Empathetic, not Egotistic

Being empathetic is a good communication skill. Respect and honor other’s opinions and feelings. Do not be egoistic and always support yourself and your ideas and opinions. Being empathetic brings you respect and honour.

Be confident

Be confident during conversation or interaction with others. Showing confidence in your words leads to respecting and believing your thoughts. Confidence can be exhibited through eye contact and speaking without any hesitation. Be polite and do not be arrogant in your words.

Frequent Feedback

Giving and taking regular feedback is a good communication skill. Continuous and consistent feedback shall improve. This input helps develop an organization or society. Sometimes negative feedback helps for examination and to focus on the issue. This feedback skill improves relationships among the workers and the management.

Develop Rapport

A great communicator has to develop rapport and trust with the groups of people. You have to speak to a group as if you are speaking to an individual. When you are addressing a large gathering, you have to feel that you are addressing each person individually. 

Begin and conclude with key focus points

A great communicator always starts the communication with a key focal point and ends with the summary of the key focus point. Repetition of key points helps the listeners to conclude what is the communication about.

Timing is important

Maintaining Time Limit is a good communication skill. The speaker has to finish what the speaker wants to convey within the time limit./ Time is precious. The speaker has to plan the speech to end within the prescribed time limit.

Final words for the post – How to Improve Effective Communication Skills

General communication skills are essential for daily communication in all situations when you are conversing with somebody else. These skills are helpful from small conversation to deep interactions. This post – How to Improve Effective Communication Skills- helps the people to cultivate these essential life skills for a successful career. Please share this post with your friends and family as Sharing is Caring.


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