How to Make a Decision – The Best Methods for Decision Making

What is decision making? This post – How to make a decision – gives detailed guidance on effective decision-making. Making good decisions and a major life decision is never a choice but rather a realization that the decision has already been made. Making a decision takes a moment, but living a decision takes a lifetime. Decision making is the hardest thing to make, especially when it is a choice between where you should be and where you want to be. Decision-making is a  cognitive process resulting in the selection of a belief or a course of action among several optional possibilities. Every decision-making process produces a final choice, which may or may not the timely response. Decision-making is the process of identifying and choosing alternatives based on the values, preferences, and beliefs of the decision-maker. Here, we discussed some decision making process steps to improve decision making.

Making right decisions is a quality which every one has to cultivate in the best way possible. Every day starts with the issue of making a good choice. The decision may be right, or it may be proved to be wrong. The human mind always thinks, just before policymaking, whether the choice would be right or wrong. All experience such situation of falling into a dilemma that how to make a decision on what to do for an activity, and how to make a decision when there are no good options.  Choosing a correct resolution may be possible by following the proved process of decision making. The decision you make should be right for you and others as well. If your choice hurts others, then the decision will turn against you. You have to keep your conscience clean by making clean and clear decisions. Effective decision-making always yields better results. This post – How to make a decision – discusses some decision-making methods, the importance of decision making, types of decision making and decision making techniques.

How to make a decision

Here, some of the best methods are presented for making a right decision

How to make a decision is a million dollar issue. Learning good decision making skills is necessary for all. Making a right choice is possible when you consider your past experiences. You have to improve decision making skills by following your intuition If you want to decide on a particular issue, you have to recollect your experience, what had happened with your decision on the same subject earlier. If you take the same solution, for the same problem, then the result would also be the same.

Know What You Want

In the process of decision making, knowing what you want is a crucial task. When you are at the crossroads, when you are to think of problem-solving, you have to decide the way you have to choose to reach your goal. It is essential to know the priorities of your life. Problem-solving and decision making with aimless wandering and thoughtless actions will end up in high chaos. Right move at the right time for the prioritized aim is the Best decision. The decision you make should be a right decision. It should satisfy you as well as the people around you. The choice you make should not go against your values and ethics.

Give Respect to Your Conscience

Conscience is an excellent judge. It is an excellent friend and guide. Conscience always guides you in the right direction. Conscience never misguides. Conscience still gives you right ideas and suggestions to follow. But people often suppress the ideas and suggestions supplied by the conscience and fall into troubles. People, very often, are influenced by wrong notions. Do not ignore the Conscience. Give due importance to conscience. Conscience is the best judge of you. conscience plays a key role in problem solving and decision making.

How to make a decision

Examine Your Decision

You have to make an honest and objective examination of the merits and demerits of your decision. Sometimes, it is the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.  Examining the merits and demerits will give you a clear picture of the consequences of making the decision and whether the choice is good or not.

Do Not Decide in Hasty Manner 

Take your own time to take proper decisions. The decision should be appropriate. Decision making should be Thoughtful. Thoughtless choices taken hastily will lead to disaster and destruction. Decisions taken quickly sometimes will place you on the wrong path. You can utilize all the material and human resources to make a right choice.

Take Help 

Excellent decision-making skills sometimes place you at high altitudes, or it may throw you into deep valleys. When you find yourself in a dilemma which decision is to be taken, and which way you are to make, then seek the help of your family and friends. Take advice from your religious epics. Pray to the God you love and take refuge for the help. The God shall bless you with right solutions and better options.

Be Courageous to Take Decisions

Always be brave to make proper decisions. When you follow the scientific decision-making methods, then you will become more confident in choosing the right choices. Once the selection is done, it should be implemented and put into action immediately.

how to make a decision

Follow Your Mind

In the process of decision making, you may speak to many people asking for help and suggestions. People may give different and diverse ideas and suggestions to improve excellent decision-making skills. Listen to all those thoughts and opinions carefully. Make a note of all such ideas and suggestions. Examine the merits and demerits of such plans. Check the feasibility of putting such ideas into actions. Check the moral acceptability of such views. This examination must be done with patience and perseverance. Then speak to the Supreme Judge within you that is your conscience.  Speak to your conscience, discuss the issue with it. Then, you will find the best conclusion and solution. Follow the decision given by your conscience. Then the decision will be entirely yours. You will get satisfaction out of making such choice, and it will provide confidence which will help you implement the idea with the increased spirits.

Be Optimistic and Not Be Pessimistic

Always be confident in taking decisions and putting them into action. Optimism gives you support and encouragement. But, Pessimism degrades the spirits in you and doesn’t allow you go ahead with your decision. Never decide under desperate conditions. Hence, Be Optimistic.

Maintain Emotional Balance

In due course of making some significant decisions in life on some significant issues, emotions play their part and influence the making of a good choice. You have to keep the emotions under control. Let not be your feelings influence your decisions. Emotions are temporary. But the impact of significant decisions is permanent in your life. Hence, maintain control over the sentiments while taking decisions. If you try to make choices under the pressure of emotional disturbance, it can severely damage the outcome. Try to learn how to make a decision in the right state of mind.

Final Words for the Post – How to Make a Decision

Decision making is an art. The success of a person or an organization depends upon the ability to take the better decisions by such person or group. Decision making is the essential quality that leaders of a nation or an organization should possess. The leaders of a country or society have to take the best decisions, sometimes in no time, for the welfare and the betterment of the nation or of the organization. Leaders should not let their emotions make the decisions. Because making decisions takes a little time, but living the decision takes a lifetime. This post – How to Make a Decision- made a successful attempt to supply the required details to help cultivate the habit of Decision Making.

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