How to Improve Memory Power and Concentration?     

This post – How to improve memory power and concentration – gives the readers some tips and tricks on how to improve memory power and concentration by applying some simple methods on how to improve memory power and concentration.  The word concentration may be defined as getting one’s mind away from the distracting and disturbing things and focus the mind on one focus point at a time. Concentration helps improve the quality of work.  Concentration is not a commodity that may be brought from a grocery store. It is an inbuilt facility of the human-computer – that is the Human mind.  Anybody and everybody can concentrate on the work they do, but some do, and some do not. Right attention means working on achieving a focused mind. When you are doing something, concentrate entirely on what you are doing. Let us discuss some simple tricks and tips on how to improve memory power and concentration.

how to improve memory power and concentration


 Some Tips and Tricks on How to Improve Memory Power

It is a well-known fact that the functioning capacity of the brain gradually decreases after adulthood. The modernization of life, excessive dependence on machines, lacking adequate physical exercise and the industrialization lead to decreasing capacity of the human brain functions. At this juncture, here some tips and tricks are discussed on how to improve memory power and concentration.

Simple Tips to Improve Memory Power

Tip 1. Meditation

Regular and continuous meditation improves the memory power. Meditation helps keep the brain active and prevents from neurodegenerative diseases like dementia. Meditation gives a positive charge to the brain. Meditation reduces stressful activity in the brain.

Tip 2: Utilizing Mnemonics.

Utilizing mnemonics like using rhythmic words for easy recollection, creating acronyms and acrostics are useful for improving memory power. Mnemonics are better memory boosters.

Tip 3: Physical Exercise

Physical exercising enhances the pumping blood rate of the heart. This keeps the brain healthy. Exercising helps the memory center of the brain i.r hippocampus to enlarge at least for 30 minutes and empower the brain with better performance.

Tip 4: Taking Healthy Food

Taking memory foods help improve the memory power. Foods which are rich in antioxidants, colorful;l fruits and leafy vegetables keep the brain healthy. Healthy brain a; ways work with optimal performance. Food that contains vitamin C, Vitamin B, and Vitamin E, Lycopene(Tomatoes), and fiber-rich whole grains, Omega-3 and fatty acids keep the brain healthy and help improve memory power.

Tip 5: Avoid performing multiple tasks at a time.

It is not good to perform multiple tasks at a time. The human brain cannot perform multitasks at a time. It gives much burden to the human brain. Multitasking slows down the performance of the human brain, and it leads to decrease the memory power.

Tip 6: Sleep for Adequate Time

Brains repairs itself during sleep. The brain needs some rest, and it needs some time to make necessary repairs and to erase the unnecessary data from the brain. This process takes place only during the sleep. Adequate sleep that is 7 – 8 hours a day keeps the brain and the body healthy.

Tip 7: Laugh and Laugh

Laughing is Living. Laughter gives more energy to the multiple regions of the brain. Listening to comic things, watching comedies and comic films keeps the brain healthy and improves memory power. Laughter gives the high level of relaxation to the human brain.

Some Other Tips to improve memory power

  • Link the date to what you know already.
  • Acquire the basic understanding of some critical concepts.
  • Use all the Five Senses if need be, for better reception and recollection of the information.
  • Pay Full attention and concentrate on what you are listening to, or what you are reading.
  • Visualization and association of names with photos and images to improve better storage and recollection of information.
  • Repetition of the things you are learning improves memory power.

Some Tips and Tricks on How to Improve Concentration

Love the work you do

We work on different things. Some work in offices, some in industries, some in schools and colleges and some work in agricultural fields. It is a well-known fact that majority of people do not like the work they do. They always feel some dissatisfaction about their work and their life. They still think that the other person is happy with his/her work, but that is not true.  The people who love the work they do, will get success and become reputed in their respective fields. Because when we love the work, we do it correctly because we love it and we like to do it. We don’t look into the matter of time we spend for the work, or money we earn out of work. We do the job by using the full strength of our mind and the body so the outcome of the work will be perfect.  Nothing can disturb us or distract us when we love the work we do. This willingness guides on how to improve focus at work and to improve mental concentration. So, concentration can be enhanced with the increased willingness to and love on the work we do.

Feel the Necessity

Feeling the necessity of concentrating on the work and finishing the work in the stipulated time will help us keep ourselves from distractions and disturbances.  This feeling of compulsion restricts our mind from diverting the concentration from the work we are doing. This sense of constraint helps us learn how to increase focus and attention span for long hours.

C – C- C-  Distractions

Cell phone



This Three Cs are the most common distracters from the work we do. This applies to all the people of all categories. If these three Cs are kept aside while working, automatically the concentration levels will be boosted up. Keeping these Three Cs help improve mental focus and improve concentration skills and teaches how to increase concentration and focus while studying.

How to improve memory power and concentration

Be away from Anger and Frustration

Anger and frustration are the high-level distracters. These two disturb us emotionally, and the same will reflect on the quality of work. Sometimes these two can cause significant destruction. Keeping anger and frustration away while working will help us concentrate on the job and improve quality of work we do.

Finish the task you are less interested in

If we are to complete a couple of functions in a given time, then, first, we have to finish the job we are less interested in. So, automatically we can finish the rest of the tasks within the stipulated time as we love the rest of the functions to complete.

 Be clear on the Focus point

Try to be clear on which job you are going to focus and finish. Starting to work on things without clarity will end up in chaos and confusion. Proper planning and putting the preparation into appropriate action is mandatory.

Observe the peer concentrating group

Concentration can be improved by observing the peer group concentrating on the work. This will force your mind to focus on the task.  Following the peer group or the co-students’ successful attempts will improve mental focus. Observing the peer group activities who are concentrating on their work teaches how to improve concentration and memory power.

Set the environment

The environment around us plays a vital role in enhancing concentration on the work we do. We have to set a calm, quiet, and serene setting to do our job correctly without any distractions and disturbances. The more peaceful the environment is, the more perfection in your work will be.  Place yourself in a well-ventilated and calm area which keeps us concentrate on the work we do.

Meditation and Yoga

Meditation and Yoga are highly useful for improving concentration levels. Learn some simple methods on how to meditate to increase concentration. Spend a few minutes at least regularly for practising these concentration-improving techniques of meditation and yoga. That will bring a drastic change in enhancing your concentration skills.  Keeping concentration on Breathing while meditating is a crucial factor in improving concentration.

Take frequent breaks

To work on a task for long hours of time will lead to exhaustion and lack of concentration on the work we do.  Taking regular breaks from work may help us get recharged physically and mentally. If you feel bored of the work, it is not right to continue the work at all. If you stay on the job, then the quality of the work will be lessened. So, take breaks while working.

Change subjects of Study

If you study a single topic for long hours of time, then you may lose concentration. In such case, it is better to switch to another subject and study. The students must cultivate some standards methods on how to increase concentration in studies and some ways to improve memory and concentration.

Taking sufficient Rest and Proper Diet

Rest and proper diet to the body also play a significant role in enhancing concentration levels.  Restless body and improper diet keep us away from concentrating on the things to be done.  Sufficient rest of the body helps recharge the body and gives the required energy to the mind to improve concentration levels.

Final words for the post – How to Improve Memory power and Concentration

When the rays of the Sun are focused on a Sunglass, heat at many times will be produced which will be many times greater than the scattered rays of the Sun. When we focus our attention on one task, it will give better results. Hence, concentration on the work we do without any distraction and disturbance will produce the perfect outcome.  This post – How to improve memory power and concentration – is highly useful for the students.  This post – How to improve memory power and concentration- helps the students on how to concentrate on studies for long hours. Please share this post with your friends and family and “Sharing is Caring.”





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